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Learn more about Spicer's Music Summer Camps below!

About Garage Band Camp

Spicer's Garage Band Camp is a family-operated summer and after-school camp designed to provide young musicians an opportunity to improve their skills while experiencing the thrill of playing music with their peers.

The idea for the camp grew out of out desire to find a family-oriented, positive, and fun summer music program for our own children. We believe that music is a powerful force in developing creativity, building self-esteem, and developing leadership. We feel that encouraging our children's love of music has been instrumental in helping them develop their individuality, cope with the stresses of life, and make positive life choices.

Campers receive individualized lessons in their instrument of choice and work with other musicians to create their own unique sound. Instruction in singing, song writing, and performing on stage are key components of the camp. Through the competent guidance of skilled staff, lessons on self esteem, communication and problem solving skills are woven into each session.

Parents report that our camp has helped their children improve their musical skills, gain confidence, and develop skills in managing social relationships. Campers report that they love the experience of playing in a band and performing on stage.

Our staff love watching the children blossom into skilled musicians who will benefit from a positive, creative hobby that can last a lifetime.

About Camp Kazoo

This fun-filled, positive camp introduces children ages 3 to 5 to the wonderful world of music. Camp Kazoo campers will beat on drums, shake tambourines, tap the keys, strum guitars, sing and of course toot KAZOOS! They will experience various musical genres (think reggae, bluegrass, rock'n roll) and learn about melody and rhythm. This hands-on camp provides a foundation for a lifelong love of music, and may lead to discovering a passion for a specific instrument (or two). Children will gain an appreciation for the many ways music enriches our lives.

Karen Bellah has over 15 years of teaching experience with young children through adult learners. She will supervise day-to-day activities with the help of professional musicians who will share their instrument of expertise. Parents are welcome but not required!

About Rock Band Camp Jr.

Rock Band Camp Jr. is an exciting, week-long summer music camp for kids ages 6 & 7 years old who want to rock out!

This fun camp was designed to be a bridge between Camp Kazoo, our exploratory music camp for young children, and Garage Band Camp, our premium rock band camp for kids ages 8 to 18.

At Rock Band Camp Jr., our experienced staff will provide an introduction to guitar, ukulele, drums, bass, keyboard and vocals. After choosing their favorite instrument, the campers will begin working on basic musical skills as they learn to play a carefully chosen rock song with positive lyrics.

Together with other young musicians, they will practice their skills all week in a creative, supportive and energetic environment. On the last day of camp, the campers will perform their song on stage in front of family and friends. It is sure to be a performance to remember!

Music education has fantastic benefits for young children, including increased language skills, social skills, and cognitive functioning. Rock Band Camp Jr. focuses on encouraging the love of music as it lays a solid foundation for future musical skills. Oh, and we also have a LOT of fun!