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We offer family discounts.

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Monday through Saturday

At Spicer's Music we are committed to giving you the best music education, taught by the best instructors, in the best environment possible.

Lessons are month to month with no contracts or registration fees.

Our lessons are taught in sound-proof custom-built lesson studios, equipped with a glass door and a camera that records 24/7 for parents to see the lesson live. Parents have a waiting area with comfy couches, coffee and free wi-fi.

Meet Our Instructor Family

Francesca A.
Matt A.
Karen B.
Neill B.
Emma D.
Matt E.
Paul G.
Hunter J.
Robert J.
Jonathan J.
Cathy L.
Isaac M.
Jayson P.
Dave P.
Stephen R.
Marie R.
Ryan S.
Tom S.
Tyler W.
Will W.
Belinda W.